September 27, 2009

Your Birth Rights

You were blessed when you were born, whether you know it or not. Everyone is born equal with a chance to be unequal. You born were born to overcome anything and everything. You were blessed with the ability to think for yourself and have choice. No one can tell you when your happy, angry, or sad. Only you can tell yourself that; so don't let the outside world tell you how to feel inside. Make the choice right now to be happy and in a good mood all the time because you have the right to be. Anyone who is not happy is not happy with themselves. I love to be happy because it is contagious and it makes other people happy. That's why I am sharing this information with you. Everyone needs to know that they have a choice. If you want it, you can be healthy, wealthy, and full of abundance. You must believe you can have it. To change your World (Your Views), you must change yourself first, change the way you think and watch your whole world change before your eyes. I use to fight a war within myself, I like to call it "The War of the Gods," One side of my mind thought this world was evil or hell. Basically working off of lack thinking why can't I have more money, why is everyone out to get me, why doesn't anyone care about me. This side is full of fear(False Evidence Appearing Real) and hate. The other side of my mind was good or heaven. Thinking thoughts of, you know what, there is more than enough for everyone in this world, if they choose to have it. If I don't love myself, how can anyone love me. This side was full of happiness and love. To go along with that story, I taught myself to play guitar and I made a song that I completely improvised the day I make a choice and chose the good side and made a story line out of it on youtube(check the video below). I realized that day, you have the right to choose whether you want to live in a living hell or heaven and it starts first in your mind. Choose good thoughts and your life will completely change, but no one can do it for you, you must want to do it yourself. If you know the quote "Like Attracts Like," once you change, you will magically attract the things and people you want. But it is not magic, it is the Universe answering to your prayers. Stay persistent, have patience and don't give up because it does take discipline. Remember it takes 30 days to start developing a new habit.
Put on your Armor and put up your Shield that no one can harmed.
Have the Spirit of a Lion. Find yourself, visualized yourself, and discipline yourself.

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If you would like to here my song, here is the link: War of the Gods
I have only been playing for 2 years. You will see towards the end of the video where I put Satan behind me and I find my Rainbow that God promises us in the bible. I hope you enjoy it and leave feedback if you want.

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