September 25, 2009

Find Yourself First

Find what you love about yourself and what you truly love to do. Stay focused on those things and don't let anyone tell you who you’re not. You can do and be whatever you think about so picture what you want to be in your mind and the universe will start to move those things you want to you. The universe we live in is perfect, but we can't understand it because we are imperfect and imperfection will never understand perfection. It is just like the radio, we have no clue how it works; we just know it is going to work. The universe is the same way except it has no flaws. We just have to put our complete faith into the universe and believe that it will give you what you want if you stay true to it. You have the ability to change your image whenever you want, so why not create a image that you love. When you love you, you are no longer working but instead enjoying everything your doing because it is you. Don't try to be someone else if you want to be happy. Create YOU and you will find peace of mind. Trust yourself and who YOU are and you will find yourself in a whole new world.

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