September 28, 2009

I Love You

Need some love, the best way to get it is to start loving yourself first. Start looking deep inside your soul and find out what you like about you. Look in the mirror and smile, be happy, and tell your self you are beautiful. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks when you are beautiful to you. You are a blessing to everyone else on this earth so start letting your true colors show. You want to know why I love you, because I love me and when I look at me, in the mirror I look for everything I love about myself. When I look at other people, I do the same thing; what do I like about this person. If you want love it reflects inside out. Start loving yourself and watch the world fall in love with you. Change your thoughts to loving thoughts and positive ones. Once that gets into your spirit, your life will transform. All we are is energy and you control what kind you give off. So start giving love to yourself and others. Your mind is shaping the world around you, so think good things about it and fill it up with love. When I listen to people speak I tune in so close to what there saying that there physical appearance don't even exist and I'm just solely listening to there soul. Every soul on this earth has something to say. You must love what other people have to say because that is what they love. So start connecting with yourself and create your tree of life and start adding branches to your tree by connecting with other people. Create your Tree of Love.

Whatever you hold in your
tree, will reflect the other side

September 27, 2009


The Good you do will always come back to you. Have you ever been down and someone smile at you and it uplifted you in someway. Try to always smile and give people your best because that is what you will get in return back. Today, give someone a gift for no reason, open a door for someone, or tell someone how beautiful they are to you. Albert Einstein posed the question on us, "The single most important decision any of us will ever make is whether or not to believe that the universe is friendly"
Start looking for the Good and the Gifts in everything, especially when you are facing a negative situation. Everything we attract to ourselves is for our own good. When you start to see the good in things, you will start bringing good into your life. What really helped me was instead of complaining about someone or thinking bad thinks about someone or something. I started to see, well what do they do good or what good could come out of this, what do I like about this person, what is something positive that I can take out of this and move on. This really helped me grow as a person because what I started doing was picking up what good traits the people had around me and I started adding them to me to make myself a better person. If I noticed someone was good at remember other people's name, I would compliment them on it and I would ask them how they do it and start learn that new trait for myself. Think about how good you feel when someone see's you doing something good and them compliment you on it. The world we live in, is a give and receive, if you give bad, it will come back, if you give love, you will receive love back. You choose what kind of Karma you want.

  Look into the Mirror for your Karma

Your Birth Rights

You were blessed when you were born, whether you know it or not. Everyone is born equal with a chance to be unequal. You born were born to overcome anything and everything. You were blessed with the ability to think for yourself and have choice. No one can tell you when your happy, angry, or sad. Only you can tell yourself that; so don't let the outside world tell you how to feel inside. Make the choice right now to be happy and in a good mood all the time because you have the right to be. Anyone who is not happy is not happy with themselves. I love to be happy because it is contagious and it makes other people happy. That's why I am sharing this information with you. Everyone needs to know that they have a choice. If you want it, you can be healthy, wealthy, and full of abundance. You must believe you can have it. To change your World (Your Views), you must change yourself first, change the way you think and watch your whole world change before your eyes. I use to fight a war within myself, I like to call it "The War of the Gods," One side of my mind thought this world was evil or hell. Basically working off of lack thinking why can't I have more money, why is everyone out to get me, why doesn't anyone care about me. This side is full of fear(False Evidence Appearing Real) and hate. The other side of my mind was good or heaven. Thinking thoughts of, you know what, there is more than enough for everyone in this world, if they choose to have it. If I don't love myself, how can anyone love me. This side was full of happiness and love. To go along with that story, I taught myself to play guitar and I made a song that I completely improvised the day I make a choice and chose the good side and made a story line out of it on youtube(check the video below). I realized that day, you have the right to choose whether you want to live in a living hell or heaven and it starts first in your mind. Choose good thoughts and your life will completely change, but no one can do it for you, you must want to do it yourself. If you know the quote "Like Attracts Like," once you change, you will magically attract the things and people you want. But it is not magic, it is the Universe answering to your prayers. Stay persistent, have patience and don't give up because it does take discipline. Remember it takes 30 days to start developing a new habit.
Put on your Armor and put up your Shield that no one can harmed.
Have the Spirit of a Lion. Find yourself, visualized yourself, and discipline yourself.

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If you would like to here my song, here is the link: War of the Gods
I have only been playing for 2 years. You will see towards the end of the video where I put Satan behind me and I find my Rainbow that God promises us in the bible. I hope you enjoy it and leave feedback if you want.

September 25, 2009

Work Hard in your Mind

Visualization and imagination are two of the most important things you can posse. Once you find yourself, you will be able to start learning how to think for yourself. Once you free your mind and put it at ease because you have found yourself, you will be able to start using your true creativeness. The freedom to create, visualize, and imagine whatever you want. Then after that you just work hard in your mind and it will come alive. Make your dreams your reality. Visualization and imagining with feeling draws the things you desire into to your life faster than anything else. When you believe you already have what you want, you get it that much easier. Working hard in your mind should be easy because you should be creating the image that you love. If you don't believe in what you want to create, it will never happen for you. The universe told us, "If we have the faith of a mustard seed grain, we could move a mountain." When will you move your mountain to get what you really deserve in life? Act NOW and bring out the power within you. You are only a decision away from pushing your mountain into the sea, leaving you in peace and free for eternity.

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Find Yourself First

Find what you love about yourself and what you truly love to do. Stay focused on those things and don't let anyone tell you who you’re not. You can do and be whatever you think about so picture what you want to be in your mind and the universe will start to move those things you want to you. The universe we live in is perfect, but we can't understand it because we are imperfect and imperfection will never understand perfection. It is just like the radio, we have no clue how it works; we just know it is going to work. The universe is the same way except it has no flaws. We just have to put our complete faith into the universe and believe that it will give you what you want if you stay true to it. You have the ability to change your image whenever you want, so why not create a image that you love. When you love you, you are no longer working but instead enjoying everything your doing because it is you. Don't try to be someone else if you want to be happy. Create YOU and you will find peace of mind. Trust yourself and who YOU are and you will find yourself in a whole new world.

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